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Specific solutions by application

Cymetryc - application agnostic testing

Cymetryc is the revolutionary, cloud-based healthcare application testing platform that is designed to standardize your software verification and control process.   Cymetryc delivers symmetry - one consistent methodology to plan, manage, execute, monitor, approve and document all clinical application testing, regardless of vendor, application or testing type. Learn more about Cymetryc here:

Clinisys SQ (Sunquest) LIS

STS365 for Sunquest, which combines automated testing software and managed services, is proven to cut project times, increase testing coverage and ensure regulatory compliance.  Whether you're testing new interfaces, bringing on new hospitals or outreach, performing periodic regulatory testing, taking a version upgrade or just trying to keep up with system management tasks, STS365 can help.

Clinisys WinPath Enterprise LIMS

Clinisys Advanced Testing Service (CATS) for WinPath Enterprise provides both automated and assisted manual testing your User Acceptance Testing, so you can execute all testing the same way.  CATS increases project rigor with views into the full testing status on demand while improveing consistency and completeness for higher quality, fewer issues and less testing gaps. 

Data Innovations Rules Verification (DI)

Streamline your DI Instrument Manager rules verification and annual regulatory requirements by leveraging  audit trail query and comprehensive rules verification STS options.  Providing comprehensive governance, configuration comparison options, and expert testing analysts, STS can make short work of your rules testing efforts.

Sysmex WAM Validation

Need to conquer your annual Sysmex WAM rules testing?  Let STS assist with or analysis, comparison, and dynamic test case building solutions.  Our expert analysts perform routine analysis and annual testing for you and provide detailed testing data for your quality and regulatory documentation.

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