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Sysmex WAM Validation


Labs today are challenged to re-verify their middleware rules each year to meet regulatory agencies’ requirements which periodically inspect the laboratory for documented evidence that each laboratory auto-validation rule or calculation is thoroughly verified. With the average site having over 200 hematology rules in WAM, the work involved can be a monumental task, taking weeks to test and document. STS replaces the tedious and manual effort required to verify your rules by automating the verification process.


STS Hematology Rules Verification for Sysmex WAM


The Sysmex WAM Rules verification solution enables rapid and thorough testing of Sysmex WAM Rules, providing:


  • Automatic build of test case scenarios based on WAM rule export. Includes positive and negative rule boundary testing. STS will run the automation for you.

  • Execution of test cases by STS using the Sysmex WAM and Emulator applications against your hematology rule set.

  • Results exception review and approval portal for rule exception testing evaluation from any device with screen capture objective evidence via a web based online result viewer.

  • Audit trail capture All testing is documented in a suite of easy-to-use inspection ready reports in .PDF or DOCX format that provide screen capture and audit trail evidence of rule status, with a history of approver action. STS prepares reports for you.

  • Rule comparison report compares each new rule export to the STS-tested baseline rules and provides rule traceability across testing events. STS prepares the report for you.

With the STS WAM Rules Verification offering, you can:

  • Exceed annual regulatory requirements – Comprehensively test all your WAM rules not just the minimum

  • Ensure high quality and thorough testing and documentation each and every time

  • Ensure standardized testing methods and report formats across multiple facilities

  • Gain full visibility into your rules set changes year-over year.

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