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CATS for WinPath Enterprise UAT


Clinisys Advanced Testing Service (CATS) is a streamlined testing solution that provides automated and assisted manual testing for your WinPath user acceptance testing. CATS is built on Cymetryc, the revolutionary cloud-based healthcare application testing platform.  CATS helps your Trust define, plan and execute a risk-based testing strategy by evaluating the complexity of your WinPath Enterprise configuration as defined by the functional requirements.   The outcome of the risk and complexity assessments is then used to prioritize the validation efforts to ensure that high risk and complexity areas are properly mitigated through automated or manual testing.  The result is a high-quality system that has been properly tested and documented, giving you the confidence that you are going live with a quality system that meets your SOPs and satisfies all regulatory requirements.


CATS Automated

The automated service reduces testing resources by at least 50%, freeing WinPath Enterprise customers from hundreds of hours of mandatory functional user acceptance testing (UAT).The solution performs application workflow UAT on your behalf against best practice and discipline-specific test scripts that are tailored to the department’s workflows and your system design documents.  This approach represents a fundamental shift from manual testing and documentation creation to an automated testing regime while giving users complete control over the review and approval of testing results. 

CATS Manual

Built on Cymetryc, customers can easily create or import their testing scripts (Test Cases) for required integration testing and end-to-end testing. Customers can accelerate the steps of verification and validation versus using traditional paper-based methods. Cymetryc Verify guides testers through each step of a Test Case, including across multiple applications. Screen print capture and file attachments are easily captured. Cymetryc Proof generates complete evidence of compliance documentation reports.

Highest Quality

Users of CliniSys Advanced Testing Service can be confident that the testing delivered will be rigorous and thorough and of the highest quality, resulting in less issues post go live.



Automatic generation of comprehensive documentation and audit for both the automated and manual testing provides full traceability and proof of testing, meeting regulatory requirements such as UKAS.

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