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Cymetryc for all applications

Made for Healthcare Application Software UAT & Validation

Cymetryc is a revolutionary, purpose-built platform to plan, manage, execute, monitor, approve and document all your healthcare application testing. 


One standard technology.

For every application.

For all testing.


Plan & Manage Your Testing

Manage all aspects of your testing - build (or import) your test cases, organize your test plans and execute testing events with complete visibility.  Dashboards show testing and approval status, remaining effort and staff workloads on demand.


Verify your applications 

Cymetryc guides your testers through the application testing, focusing the effort and simplifying the task.  The Cymetryc testing guide gives step by step instructions with on-board tools to make screen captures and file uploads simple.  The guide communicates what outcomes are expected and any key data to be collected (like patient IDs, lab/order numbers, etc.)  Each step can be passed, failed or skipped.  Testing notes can be added at any time and will appear in the review process and on the final documentation.


The testing guide is completely application-agnostic, making it perfect for the end-to-end and round-trip testing that is critical to your institution.


Review & Approve Testing Results Online

Often the team that performs the testing is not the final approver.  Cymetryc lets your approvers perform their review in the cloud and without paper.


Instant Proof of Testing

Regulatory compliance and proof of testing is a vital part of your application testing.  No more wasted time and precious resources fighting the documentation process.  Cymetryc automatically generates a variety of perfectly formatted, detailed, inspection-ready reports for you with just a click.

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