University of Rochester Medical Center

Automated testing replaces rote testing tasks and frees valuable analyst time for complex issues.

URM Case Study


Maintaining the LIS interfaces to enterprise requires repetitive testing that distracts resources from more complicated issues. A recent Epic revenue cycle project required a total of over 3,000 orderable test codes to be requisitioned and resulted for two different hospitals. Additionally the LIS includes customizations that require validation with every LIS change but will be standard in the next LIS upgrade.


URM used STS's SoftLab Volume to order and result test codes at the larger of the two hospitals, including generating and resulting reflex orders. With SoftLab Scenario, URM and STS analysts are jointly designing workflow testing to assist with the upcoming LIS upgrade.


Using SoftLab Volume, approximately 2,500 test codes were ordered and resulted the larger hospital in 2.5 weeks. The smaller hospital was manually tested with 500 test codes, which also took 2.5 weeks. With five times as many orderable codes, the larger hospital could have taken up to 12.5 weeks to complete testing. Calendar time for the project was reduced by as much as 80%.

Future Plans

Pleased with the success of the revenue cycle project, URM is planning to expand their utilization of the STS solution with workflow testing using SoftLab Scenario. In addition to validations for near-term projects, they are preparing for a busy 2018:

  • Major Soft LIS upgrade
  • Simultaneously adding a new affiliate
  • Implementing SoftID, Soft's positive patient ID module

STS support fees include testing assistance and keeping the software compatible with SCC's releases enabling URM to be prepared for these projects. In addition to interface testing, URM is reviewing the possibility of using SoftLab Volume to bulk-load orders for SoftID training sessions.

Check out the full case study for URM here!

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"Adopting automated testing is a bit like adopting auto-verification - there was skepticism at first, but now that we have it, we can't envision going back to the old way of doing things. Before any big project I'm going to consult with STS to see how they can help us work smarter and be more efficient." - System Operations Analyst, Manager UR Medicine, Department of Lab Medicine