Our Support Model

“Before any big project I’m going to consult with STS to see how they can help us work smarter and be more efficient!” - Marlene Scott, System Operations Analyst, Manager UR Medicine

Client Portal

The STS Client Portal (support.sts-healthcare.com) is your gateway to all things STS. You can view your existing account and view project details and profile status. You can also leave notes for the STS Analyst working on your project.

Whether you want copies of the last webinar, to view how-to movies and videos, or read about new industry trends the STS Library is the place to search.

Thanks again for being an STS client. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Our Support Model

When STS was founded, we had a vision of making testing easier for our customers to achieve. But we also wanted to build a company that is easy to do business with and responsive to customer needs.

When you purchase any STS solution, we will install the software on your PC through a secure remote process – you do not have to budget for travel expenses for us to be onsite. Your software will be ready to start using in as little as 2 – 4 weeks after sending the purchase order! After installation, we will use web technology and tools to train your STS system administrator.

The STS software that we deliver to you will match the software version that your application vendor has installed for testing. This means if you are implementing a major upgrade, new features and functions have been accommodated in the testing software. Our team of expert clinical and technical analysts will consult with your team to tailor the testing to your particular workflow, and then initiate the automated testing on your local PC or PCs. These STS services are included in our support agreement – again, you do not need to add a budget item for STS travel expenses.

As testing completes, STS provides reports which include screen shots and/or other evidence of the testing outcomes. All your team needs to do is review those reports to complete the system validation – and the inspection-ready reports are yours to keep.

After the new version goes live, the testing software, test cases and profiles are yours to use again and again whenever you identify a need. Our team is just a phone call or email away to provide any extra guidance required to set up your own scenarios – again, all included in your support agreement so you don’t have to budget for additional STS consulting expenses.

When it’s time for your next version upgrade, log a message with our support team.
STS will schedule the delivery of updated software to match the vendor release and then schedule our team to initiate and monitor the testing. And yes, this service is included in your support agreement!

  • Updated testing software with each new application vendor release
  • STS experts to assist with technical or testing strategy
  • Phone and email support
  • Inspection-ready reports are yours to keep

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