Sunquest Testing


With increasing demands and a shrinking labor pool, you need to invest in tools and technology that will assist in solving problems while continuing to support safety and quality measures.

The more testing can be automated, the more your lab can direct resources to other lab tasks that require human analytical skills to perform effectively.

Recognize value with technology that cuts labor costs, reduces timelines, and increases testing capacity. Develop proven, repeatable processes that make validation and routine maintenance testing easy.

Our suite of automated solutions simplifies the implementation and documentation process. What once took an entire team of your staff weeks or months to accomplish is now handled by our experts combined with our software - providing huge time and cost savings with the added benefit of repeat use whenever needed.

It's a challenge for any lab to continuously maintain and improve the quality and efficiency of their testing processes. STS automated testing ensures the quality of your testing efforts, and the benefits of automated testing quickly outgain the initial costs.

Software and/or hardware upgrades are rare events - the majority of laboratory application testing is routine and tedious. Our applications were designed for exactly that kind of repetitive testing. Using STS, your testing becomes easily repeatable. Your staff no longer waste hours a day generating orders or results for interface, instrument, or even reference lab testing. While STS completes the transactions, they can focus on more important tasks.