Sunquest Testing

Automate your testing

Emulating an end user, the STS TestManager performs all keyboard and mouse clicks necessary to execute Sunquest testing. During the testing, the application collects relevant data, including screen prints, output reports, and even full video of the testing. Once testing completes, all the data is available with just a few mouse clicks for on-screen review, standard or customized reports.

Before STS, healthcare organizations tested their software applications with time-consuming, labor-intensive, and expensive manual processes which can be prone to human error. Exhaustive testing was often impossible and the fear of something slipping through the cracks and potentially causing patient harm was very real.

Testing applications is tricky. Humans clicking buttons and capturing screen prints is time consuming and error prone. STS automation thrives here, performing the testing, producing documentation, and delivering the ability to quickly run frequent, repetitive, data-driven testing that provides far greater testing coverage.

STS provides our clients with the perfect blend of experienced laboratory professionals and intelligent, responsive easy-to-use software automation that performs workflow testing, repetitive transaction processing, and end-user acceptance testing.

STS delivers standardized transactions and rules testing on a variety of application platforms with our QuickSTART™ technology. Our solutions can automatically gather each site's system data, develop test cases, and execute test runs, collecting relevant data and images along the way