STS Testing Solutions for Sunquest

“We never could have done this upgrade in only 15 weeks without STS!” - - - National Cancer Network Using Sunquest Lab, Micro and BB Functional Testing Packages, Orders and Results, BB Grid Controls Large multi-facility enterprise testing three databases across five sites.

The STS solutions for Sunquest - now available directly from Sunquest - are proven to cut project timelines, increase testing coverage and ensure regulatory compliance, so you can test better, faster and easier than ever before. STS's automated Sunquest LIS testing solutions perform keystrokes, click the mouse and capture screen prints (or even video!) exactly like a human being would, freeing technologists and analysts from the tedium of repetitive testing. Whether you're testing new interfaces, bringing on new hospitals or outreach, performing periodic regulatory testing, taking a version upgrade or just trying to keep up with monitoring those pesky error logs, STS can help!

For your upgrades, with every new major release STS provides updated test cases, scenarios and profiles synchronized to the Sunquest General Testing Guidelines and the Sunquest Client Test Plans, delivering 88%-94% testing coverage. We also provide the services of our clinical and technical experts to set up and execute the test cases under your team's guidance - freeing you up to focus on the results review. And unlike costly consulting companies, the automated testing software is available for you to use post-upgrade for other LIS tasks that require repetitive steps.

Remember, in addition to our online training and support area, our team of clinical and technical experts are just an email or phone call away to assist with your projects!


STS’s Sunquest Functional Testing is configured to emulate your own workflow scenarios. Test your system setup for facility mergers and add-ons, version upgrades and new software modules. Cut your labor costs and reduce timelines while increasing testing capacity and improving your documentation process.


Use Sunquest Transactional Testing Packages to repeat a specific workflow. You can accession and result all your orderable test codes for a new interface, populate the test area with hundreds of orders for training and exercise every possible combination of BB grid maintenance definitions.


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Sunquest represents some of our most comprehensive testing solutions. We cover 88%-94% of the Sunquest General Testing Guidelines for Sunquest Laboratory, Microbiology, and Blood Bank.