Sunquest Testing Services

More than 100 Sunquest sites are using the STS solutions to dramatically cut project timelines, increase testing coverage and ensure regulatory compliance. STS clients use our powerful technology to quickly discover any maintenance issues; increase their depth of testing and take new releases live in record time.

Whether you're going live with version 8, implementing emergency release, performing mapped record testing or doing your annual verifications to meet regulatory requirements, STS can help!


Recognize value with technology that cuts labor costs and reduces timelines while increasing testing capacity and improving your documentation process.


Maximize and expand your lab's capacities without adding staff. Streamline testing, decrease manual effort, and eliminate wasted time.


Empower your lab to work smarter, not harder. Implement proven, repeatable processes that make validation and routine maintenance testing easy.

Sunquest represents some of our most comprehensive testing solutions. We cover 88%-94% of the Sunquest General Testing Guidelines for Sunquest Laboratory, Microbiology, and Blood Bank.


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