Sunquest Transactional Testing

"We love that we can do all of the testing we used to do manually - enter normal, verify and panic results as well as add comments - by simply running the solution. It used to take us forever to order and result everything. [The solutions] are well worth the price in just saving manual tech hours alone" - - Leading Mid-Western Children's Hospital Using Sunquest Orders and Results Solution

The Transactional Testing Packages focus on taking a specific workflow and repeating it over and over to give you 100% testing coverage in areas where it would be impossible to achieve manually - and where an error can have both operational and patient safety issues.

Transactional testing is fast and easy to configure. It can run for weeks unattended. This depth of testing gives you the peace of mind you need in today's complex and critical healthcare IT environment.

Uses for Transactional Testing:

New LIS or BB Implementation

New module deployment requires extensive new build. Comprehensively verify new settings and avoid costly implementation delays or errors upon live.

Interface Testing

HIS/EMR order and result feeds, new reference lab interface, revenue cycle management project or even new meaningful use results formats? Configure hundreds of orders, receive, route and result them with a few clicks of the mouse.

Maintenance Verification

Confirm existing maintenance prior to the start of a new project. Compare maintenance across two areas to make sure your LIVE and TEST are in sync. Optimize your test area.

Testing Coverage:

LIS Mass Orders and Results

Order, receive and result hundreds of test codes with just a few clicks of the mouse. Receipt and reference range testing has never been easier. With this software you can conquer both test code compendium verification and interface testing - two of the most common and time consuming tasks in today's laboratory.

Blood Bank Grids

Test every combination of your maintenance definitions at critical control points like compatibility tables and result reaction patterns. Facilitate antigen/ antibody/ attribute table testing. Delivers comprehensive documentation for proof of testing for regulatory agencies.

Calculation Testing

With the click of a mouse the Calculation Extractor can generate the necessary Manual Result Entry test cases to trigger and not trigger each calculation for a selected worksheet - all fully documented. Make the pain of periodic calculation testing a thing of the past!

System Monitor

Retire your dot matrix error log printer by automating your error log monitoring. Route email notifications to your staff for only the messages that you deem pertinent. Supports Sunquest Functions AUDL, DYN, UTL, IX, HDMN, HRP, HUSR and PST/PROC.

Features & Functions

Laboratory Volume

Laboratory Scenario

Calc Extractor

App Monitor

Blood Bank Scenario

BB Patient Unit

BB Result Reaction

BB Antigen Antibody