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Software Testing Solutions LLC Announces Partnership with Sunquest Information Systems

Tucson, Ariz., August 16, 2017 - Software Testing Solutions LLC (STS) announced today an agreement enabling Sunquest Information Systems to resell STS's automated software solutions to Sunquest customers. STS's solutions are used to alleviate healthcare professionals from time-consuming software testing, while assuring a high level of quality and consistency in the software validation process.

"We are thrilled to further our partnership with Sunquest", says Jennifer Lyle, CEO and Founder of STS, "We have worked closely with Sunquest and our mutual customers for nearly twenty years. Formalizing the relationship allows us to collaboratively expand our solution set and streamline service delivery."

"Our clinical laboratory customers strive every day to give every patient the best chance at good health, but increasingly their testing capacity is strained due to increasing volumes and staffing shortages," states Matt Hawkins, president of Sunquest Information Systems. "We are pleased to partner with STS to provide automated testing software that improves efficiency in the laboratory, giving back clients much needed time for clinically focused work."

STS provides an automated software testing solution that is a natural fit with the laboratory, helping to improve the software testing process while reducing labor-hour requirements. Sunquest customers using STS can adopt new modules more quickly and with a high degree of confidence in the breadth and depth of testing.

The automated software solutions emulate a human being using the PC and mouse to access Sunquest diagnostic informatics applications. The software runs unattended, extending the laboratory's available testing time to include overnight and weekend testing. It can also be used to perform repetitive data entry tasks and system performance monitoring.

For many years, laboratory staff have applied the principles of Lean management, bringing automation to all phases of laboratory processes. "Software testing automation is the next logical frontier in the modern clinical lab's evolution," continues Ms. Lyle. "Freeing human resources and eliminating the overnight wait time in testing by introducing automation allows these busy professionals to focus on the more complex issues of their laboratory and information systems."

She concludes, "To celebrate our new relationship, STS is proud to announce that we will be a Diamond Sponsor at the 2017 annual Sunquest User Group meeting in August."


About Sunquest Information Systems
Sunquest Information Systems Inc. provides diagnostic informatics solutions to more than 1,700 laboratories. Since 1979, Sunquest has helped laboratories and healthcare organizations across the world enhance efficiency, improve patient care, and optimize financial results. Sunquest's solutions enable world-class lab capabilities, including multisite, multi-disciplinary support for complex anatomic, molecular and genetic testing, and engagement with physicians and patients outside the hospitals at the point-of-care.

Headquartered in Tucson, AZ with offices in Boston, London, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Bangalore, India, Sunquest is a global leader in healthcare information technology.


About Software Testing Solutions LLC
Software Testing Solutions LLC was established in 1999 with a mission to create innovative solutions which automate and accelerate the in-depth testing of healthcare applications. Today, more than 250 healthcare systems use STS's solutions to automate end user functions in laboratory information and middleware software applications, accelerate the testing process and succeed with complex information technology projects.


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