Sunquest Functional Testing

“Validate maintenance for a new facility in 14 weeks? Only with STS. We were able to leverage our existing Lab, Micro and Blood Bank Testing Packages and start testing immediately.” - - Southwest Michigan Health System Using Sunquest Lab, Micro and Blood Bank Testing Packages

The Functional Testing Packages automate specific vendor recommended testing conditions for new implementations and version upgrades. These pre-built testing packages ensure top-notch testing each and every time you take an upgrade or add a facility. And best of all – they are installed, configured and executed for you by med tech analysts – saving you time and freeing your critical in-house resources. Your team simply reviews and approves the results to complete the validation process.

Uses for Functional Testing:

Facility Mergers & Add-Ons

Hospital mergers and acquisitions are on the rise. Validate system maintenance and maintenance testing while shortening project timelines.

Version Upgrades

Take advantage of new features and functionality by implementing upgrades more easily and more often. Reduce testing time and effort. Configure once then re-use as needed.

New Software Modules

New module deployment requires extensive build. Comprehensively test new settings, avoid costly implementation delays and eliminate errors before go-live.

Testing Coverage:

Laboratory Testing

Covers 94% of Sunquests GTGs

These pre-packaged test cases come installed and customized to your site, giving you the ability to exercise more than 150 area specific testing conditions immediately!

Microbiology Testing

Covers 88% of Sunquests GTGs

With all the benefits and features of Laboratory, the Microbiology package is an add-on that automates complex workflows like simulating separate processing “days” and performing negative testing

Blood Bank Testing

Covers 96% of Sunquests GTGs

Exercise more than 200 specific blood bank testing conditions immediately! Includes pre-defined test cases covering all routine quality assurance messages, basic testing for all Blood Bank functions,

Testing Focus

  • Register, Order, Result (Normal, Hold, Verify) - Outpatients
  • Register, Order, Result (RESOE, QA Verification) - ER & Outside Patients
  • Register, Order, Result (Supressed & auto-answered results) - IP/OP Patients
  • Register, Order, Result (English text, prelim, cross reference testing, crediting) - IP/OP Patients
  • Register, Order, Specimen Collection Lists/Labels, Specimen Receipt and Resulting
  • Register, Order, Specimen Collection Reports/Labels, Tracking, and Resulting (SMART)
  • Reports dependent on background jobs, Cumulative Inquiry Reports
  • Focus on GUI UA and Differential Keyboard testing

Testing Focus

  • Auto No Growth Update Testing
  • Result Entry, Focus on Direct Exam only Batteries and non-MC dept Micro tests
  • Result Entry, Focus on Micro Culture Batteries (w/ Susceptibilities, Workups, Rule Testing)
  • Result Entry to generate data for Micro Reports
  • Result Entry to generate data for Patient Reports (CUMs, Interims, Client, Event)
  • Negative testing for Micro functions

Testing Focus

  • Quality Assurance Message Validation
  • Quality Assurance Message Validation
  • Quality Assurance Message Validation
  • Admin, Admin Data Inquiry, Product Entry, Product Testing, Manufactured Prod.
  • Component Prep
  • Order Processing – RBC/non-RBC, Product Issue, Patient reports
  • Status Update, Status Correction
  • Automatic update of unit and Admin files by % code resulting
  • Electronic Crossmatch Validation: Requirements
  • Electronic Crossmatch Validation: Disqualifying QA Failures
  • Emergency Release Testing – Red cell products and platelets
  • Emergency Release Testing – Non-cellular components
  • Emergency release - Ineligibility for 100+ units per order