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Automated testing alleviates the tedium of a repetitive task with confidence that the job will be done correctly.

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For the CLM implementation the LIS Analyst was required to manually create hundreds of pending lab accessions in the LIS to use in daily training over multiple weekday and weekend nursing shifts. During the one-month training period the analyst estimated 30-45 minutes per day, seven days per week, to fulfill the request. While not difficult, it is repetitive, tedious and a potential distraction from other issues. Missing a shift's pending orders would affect nursing as the training could have been delayed or may have required rescheduling nurses.


The analyst used a sub-set of tests from Sunnybrook's existing Sunquest Scenario Test Suite to design custom scenarios that accessioned pending hematology, chemistry, blood culture and urine dipstick orders for each shift of hospital nurses plus a separate set each weekday for the clinic nurses. He ran the scenario every 4 days to place 4 days of future orders. Since it was his first solo project, he contacted STS for assistance as needed.


With an initial investment of 1.5 hours to design, build and test plus the estimated five minutes per collect date to initiate the scenarios, the total time taken for the project was about 2.5 hours instead of the estimated 20 or more. In addition to saving time, he was able to focus attention on other matters with assurance that the nursing staff would be able to conduct their training as planned.

Future Plans

As they have for the last ten years, Sunnybrook will continue to use STS services and products for major LIS upgrade projects. In their words "they're a lifesaver!"

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Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

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"STS is very robust... no matter what happened, it kept running. I can start it then walk away to do other things. It was really great to be able to off-load this tedious chore!" - Arnold Tralla, LIS Analyst Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre