Sysmex WAM Automated Rules Testing Solution

Shift testing from technologist to technology

Annual Rules Validation

Does that phrase trigger a nervous twitch? Using a conservative estimate of 25 minutes per rule, a Sysmex WAM system with 160 rules requires about 70 hours or nearly two weeks of work effort. No wonder this requirement causes angst.

Working closely with WAM experts at Sysmex, Software Testing Solutions has developed the Sysmex WAM Automated Rules Testing solution. This has been used at 75+ Sysmex WAM customer sites as part of their implementation or WAM upgrade process. We are now able to offer you the same great solution to off-load the burden of testing your WAM rules or testing your WAM with an LIS upgrade!

STS Automated WAM Testing

You can shift rules validation testing from your technologist to our technology. The STS automated testing software acts just like your tech – clicking the mouse and typing on the keyboard – to perform testing. The software even collects screen shots, can record video for later playback, and produces inspection-ready reports for your review and validation. STS’s automated testing software runs unattended on your WAM PC without needing to take a break, answer the phone or go to a meeting.

Our Sysmex WAM Automated Rules Testing solution supports the following workflows:

Dry Testing

Internal rule validation with the software creating WAM generated orders, entering results using the instrument emulators and automatically collecting testing data.

Wet Testing

Post wet-testing, the STS software will complete the tedious chore of performing sample query and data capture. Orders are generated by the LIS and results are generated using the instrument.

LIS Rule Testing (Coming Spring 2017)

Test receiving orders from the LIS and sending results back without taking your instrument offline! Create orders in the LIS and the STS automated testing solution will find and result them using the instrument emulator. The results pass through the interface to the LIS just as if they were resulted on the instrument. You can even print the STS reports in .DOCX format and insert the LIS screen shots in to complete the testing report!

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