Sysmex WAM Automated Rules Testing Solution

Shift testing from technologist to technology


STS intelligent automation marries LIS operations and regulatory needs with technology to optimize quality, efficiency, and reduce time, effort, and costs.

Maximize efficiency and expand your lab’s capacities without adding staff. Streamline testing, reduce manual effort, minimize testing interruption, and eliminate wasted time.

Recognize value with technology that cuts labor and increases testing capacity. Develop proven, repeatable processes that make validation and routine maintenance testing easy, not just this year but every year.


STS Sysmex Webinar

Learn how the STS philosophy of "work smarter, not harder" directly translates to your WAM testing, and while reducing time and effort is important, explore how regulatory demands, fixed methods, and comprehensive documentation can make your validation process easier than ever.


More and more hospitals and laboratories are implementing middleware to be competitive, cost effective, and improve revenue generation while being flexible and scalable. But with great flexibility can come complex testing. STS provides logic driven test case generation and automated test execution to allow you to comprehensively verify and document your middleware rules.

Our Technology

Using maintenance data extracted from your application, the STS solutions act just like an expert user sitting at the keyboard and mouse performing the keyboard entries and mouse clicks necessary to perform application testing. They completely document the transactions, including capturing of screen prints. Solutions include standard and customizable report options.


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