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Automate your DI Instrument Manager testing with STS


Many labs have a difficult time meeting their annual rule verification requirements - this package will not only help you comply with regulatory requirements, but provide you the assurance and peace of mind that your DI Instrument Manager rule logic has been thoroughly tested.

With built-in features like automated Rules Data Collection and Test Case Generation, testing your rules logic has never been easier. Let STS calculate the 1,000s of condition combination and then test them for you right within the DI IM Rules Testing application.

Testing is now faster, easier, and more comprehensive than ever before.


Workflow Descriptions

Automated testing is no longer optional. To accomplish timely adoption, we need to simplify the testing process. Our solutions provide development and testing teams access to knowledge, tools, and solutions to assist in building, certifying, and supporting clinical applications. Not a script, STS solutions provide you an intelligently designed automation solution that empowers end users to conquer testing faster, easier, and better than ever before.


More and more hospitals and laboratories are implementing middleware to be competitive, cost effective, and improve revenue generation while being flexible and scalable. But with great flexibility can come complex testing. STS provides logic driven test case generation and automated test execution to allow you to comprehensively verify and document your middleware rules.

Our Technology

Using maintenance data extracted from your application, the STS solutions act just like an expert user sitting at the keyboard and mouse performing the keyboard entries and mouse clicks necessary to perform application testing. They completely document the transactions, including capturing of screen prints. Solutions include standard and customizable report options.


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