STS for Data Innovations

Automate your DI Instrument Manager testing with STS

Rules Verification Testing

Many labs have a difficult time meeting their annual rule verification requirements - this package will not only help you comply with regulatory requirements, but provide you the assurance and peace of mind that your DI Instrument Manager rule logic has been thoroughly tested.

With built-in features like automated Rules Data Collection and Test Case Generation, testing your rules logic has never been easier. Let STS calculate the 1,000s of condition combination and then test them for you right within the DI IM Rules Testing application.

Testing is now faster, easier, and more comprehensive than ever before.

Software Testing Solution's Data Innovations Instrument Manager Solution

How much time are your techs or analysts spending on annual rules validation?

What if the testing part of that process could be taken off their plates, freeing them up to work on other projects?

With Software Testing Solution’s Data Innovations Instrument Manager solution, you can do just that! Automate your DI Instrument Manager rules testing for annual validation, or use the solution to easily generate results to test outbound result interfaces.

The STS automated testing software acts just like your analyst – clicking the mouse and typing on the keyboard – to perform testing. The software even collects screen shots, can record video for later playback, and produces inspection-ready reports for your review and validation. STS’s automated testing software runs unattended on your PC without needing to take a break, answer the phone or go to a meeting.

Because the STS software is so robust, it can run unattended - even overnight and on weekends! If it encounters unresolvable errors the software can send alerts to designated responsible parties.

Here’s how it works:

Configuration and Rules Extraction

STS uses DI’s own rules export functionality to gather the rule data from your Instrument Manager. Based on your DI IM rules, STS creates a list of the testing conditions needed for each rule.

Custom Testing Options

You can use the automatically generate conditions list as is, or make changes to the fields and values as needed.

Automated Testing

With a click of the mouse, the STS automated testing software will begin testing the conditions in DI Rules Testing. During testing, STS captures relevant audit trail data to use in your permanent testing records.

Review and Report

When testing is complete, STS’s reports make it easy for you to review the collected data and document your testing.