STS Testing Solutions

Orders & Results

Orders and result transactions are the building blocks of the LIS. Unit, QA, and Billing testing are all based on orders and results. STS Lab Volume allows you to autogenerate patient registrations for internal LIS testing or use inbound patient ADT data. Easily change the patient settings at will and our import tools allow you to easily enter multiple patients and order codes. It can receive, result, and inquire on tests ordered from other clinical systems. Now you can order, result and inquire on any or all of your procedures with a click of the mouse!

HL7 Interfaces

Reduce receiving and generating HL7 transaction testing by as much as 95%. The STS solutions are designed to be configured in minutes, with procedure and patient import tools embedded in the software. The solutions support multiple workflows for a variety of patient types: (1) receive inbound orders, (2) enter manual orders, (3) result using multiple reference ranges, or even (4) query existing results. Leverage our integrated scheduler and remote notification to enhance the testing automation even further.

User Acceptance Testing

STS solutions make validation and hot fix testing faster, easier and more thorough than ever before possible. You define the functional flow, the specific data input values, and your testing objectives for the supported application functions. Our powerful combination of test cases and profiles allows you to automate complex testing flows including simulating separate processing "days" and performing negative testing. The solution is fully re-usable and can be easily copied and modified for expanded testing.

Automated Data Capture

Automating repetitive data query processes has never been easier. Whether you need to inquire on results, query middleware audit trails, or collect examples of samples processed. STS inquires on your data, captures relevant data, screens, and even video information. Once collected you can select which data elements you want included in your reports and generate PDFs, CSV, or even DOCX reports.

Automated Test Case Generation

We all know testing needs to happen, but determining what to test, how to test it, and then creating a detailed testing plan takes a mountain of effort. Our software can examine your calculation and rules logic, determine the needed testing conditions, and automatically write the test cases for you. Once written, you can adjust, add, or expand them as you see fit. Don't get delayed at the starting line, let STS get you off to a fast start and accelerate your test plan development along with your testing.

Variable Reporting & Documentation

So testing is complete, review is done, and live is fast approaching. As part of that pre-live prep, it's time to generate all your reports and get final signatures. With so much data where do you start? The STS software provides flexible reporting options in the format (PDF, CSV, DOCX) that best suits your needs. With a click of a mouse, select the exact data and type of screen shots you need. STS also supports generating condition and testing review summaries to make signature documents even easier. With reporting options this easy, you can produce reports catering to each downstream reviewer.