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Join 250+ laboratories across North America in simplifying and accelerating your clinical application testing.

STS delivers rapid automated software verification products that streamline, accelerate, and document testing. We enable our users to efficiently discover software setup/configuration issues, maximize resource utilization, and fully meet regulatory requirements in record time.

Whether you need to streamline implementation, increase the depth of testing, or even automate application data collection, STS can help.


Successful Upgrades

For almost two decades, STS has been helping our clients conquer LIS and Blood Bank upgrade testing. Whether a single or multiple version upgrade, a new facility, or even a new LIS, STS has been there simplifying and automating the testing process.


Orders/Results Processed

Labs have been using STS to process orders and sending results to conquer anything from QA/Unit Testing to HIS upgrades to new EMR roll-outs to comprehensive billing testing. Why lose hours of FTE effort when a single click will do?


Testing Hours Saved

Since 1999, laboratories have been using STS to automate their testing and saving countless hours of effort. Whether it's simple order and result processing, complex user acceptance testing, or rules engine verification, STS can save you countless hours too.

Testing Situations

Lab & Blood Bank Validation

Verification and validation of hospital applications often require time-consuming, labor-intensive and expensive processes. STS can reduce that effort by as much as 75%.

Middleware & Rules Verification

Automate audit trail review as well as comprehensive rule verification for Sysmex WAM and Data Innovations.

Automating Manual Processes

Let STS perform user acceptance testing, verify interface functionality, or simply perform data queries and generate necessary documentation.

Client Success Stories

Explore a few of our clients and learn how they have used STS to improve their business processes.


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