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Join 250+ customers in simplifying and accelerating your application testing.

STS delivers rapid automated software verification products that streamline, accelerate, and document testing. We enable our users to efficiently discover software setup/configuration issues, maximize resource utilization, and fully meet regulatory requirements in record time.

Whether you need to streamline implementation, increase the depth of testing, or even automate application data collection, STS can help.

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Case Study with Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Sunnybrook has used STS to perform their Sunquest version upgrade testing for the last ten years. In 2017 Sunnybrook added Collection Manager to their Sunquest portfolio. The lab used STS to create all the pending test requests for a month's work of nurse training classes.

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Case Study with Aria - Jefferson Health

With a three-hospital health system, timely interface and system monitoring is not only critical but also time-consuming. Aria - Jefferson Health uses STS every day to help the lab stay on top of any impending issues.

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Case Study with a Five-HID System Upgrade to v. 8.1

This five-hospital system upgraded from v. 6.4 to v 8.1 and completed functional and interface testing in 15 weeks with the assistance of STS's Functional and Transactional Testing Solutions.

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