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Our Products

Sunquest LIS Automation

Our Sunquest line includes our most comprehensive suite of solutions designed to conquer almost any Sunquest testing you can imagine.

Sysmex WAM Validation

STS and Sysmex have joined forces to deliver automated testing solutions to save time and effort in testing your Sysmex WAM rules.

Atlas Automation

Outreach is a necessity in today's labs. Let us help you bring Atlas physicians on faster and easier than ever before.

SCC SoftLab & SoftBank Automation

We have developed a comprehensive testing solution for SoftLab and SoftBank by building upon our success in the LIS space.

Data Innovations Verification

STS has taken automation to the next step with audit trail query, comparison functions, and comprehensive rules verification options.

Other Application Automation

Don’t see your application? STS is always exploring automating new applications. Explore our technology and let us know what automation you need.

Testing Situations

Lab & Blood Bank Validation

Verification and validation of hospital applications often require time-consuming, labor-intensive and expensive processes. STS can reduce that effort by as much as 75%.

Middleware & Rules Verification

Automate audit trail review as well as comprehensive rule verification for Sysmex WAM and Data Innovations.

Automating Manual Processes

Let STS perform user acceptance testing, verify interface functionality, or simply perform data queries and generate necessary documentation.

Client Success Stories

Explore a few of our clients and learn how they have used STS to improve their business processes.