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When making the time-to-market vs. quality tradeoff, more often than not, quality suffers. For the customer, dealing with defective software is time consuming, frustrating, and inefficient. For the producer, defective software is costly. Defects can be expensive to fix, and they increase support costs and lower profits by diverting resources from new product development (which generates revenue) to bug-fix releases (which typically do not generate revenue).

Having an acceptable product that is months late and, as a result, does not sell is just as bad as releasing a less-than-quality product on time. The question is: "Can a reasonable balance between meeting both time-to-market and quality goals be achieved?"

Time-to-market and quality goals are not mutually exclusive with STS as your partner. STS develops purpose-built automated testing platforms tailored to your organization's needs. Whether it's functional testing, internal regression testing, client smoke tests, or implementation configuration verification, STS has the experience and expertise to automate your software testing without the traditional pitfalls.

Automating software and integration testing using the STS purpose-built testing platform can deliver a very high return on investment by:

  • Improving software quality and associated savings
  • Speeding time to market and revenue acceleration
  • Supporting agile methodologies and associated benefits
  • Increasing testing coverage and documentation
  • Reducing defects, downtime, and the associated costs

Don't hesitate to take advantage of automated testing and its long term benefits.

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About us

Software Testing Solutions LLC (STS) was founded in 1997 to fill a vital need within the industry – create innovative solutions that automate the testing of healthcare applications. Today, STS concentrates on providing intelligent and responsive automation that can perform workflow testing, repetitive transaction processing, or even service virtualization.

Our suite of automated solutions simplifies the implementation and documentation process. What used to take an entire team weeks or months to accomplish is now handled by our automated software solutions providing time and costs. With the added benefit of repeat use whenever needed.

Whether you are an end user trying to meet a project deadline or an application vendor looking to streamline implementations and accelerate revenue, STS has an automation solution to meet your needs. Contact us today to see what STS automation can do for you.

STS is staffed with accomplished professionals who have decades of clinical and technical experience. We have in-depth knowledge of your real-world testing needs, plus we possess proven expertise in successfully implementing automated testing.

Unlike costly consulting firms that manually test your solutions, STS provides its customers with a software testing solution that is useful any time testing is needed. This reusability maximizes the testing solution’s return on investment.

Whether you need solution specific assistance or strategic testing advice, our expert analysts are just a phone call away. Training is always available at no cost for the duration of your support agreement. STS is a partner not just for your validation, but for all your testing and automation needs.