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Sysmex WAM

STS is helping Sysmex to standardize rule testing, reduce time and effort, and produce comprehensive testing reports. This has helped to shave almost 3 weeks off implementations and deliver better content to the client. Post implementation, clients can purchase the same solutions to conquer their annual validation testing. They are even exploring options to use this same software for their internal QA process.

Website: www.sysmex.com


Cleveland Clinic

Train 3,000 nurses on bedside collection in 6 weeks? No problem with STS. Classes averaged 16-18 nurses with 8-9 to offerings per day for 6 weeks. Using STS, the lab staff were able to enter 100,000+ orders in their test area to provide the nurses with hands on training and experience. STS saved them 350 hours of manual order entry effort. Cleveland has been using the STS solutions to conquer their upgrades for almost a decade but this takes its value to a whole new level.

Website: my.clevelandclinic.org


Houston Methodist

Methodist established a baseline of patients that met their QA requirements and had their HIS register those patients. One of their newest resources was tasked with the testing and after a 45 minute training on STS, began the laborious task of generating 30,000+ orders and results. This allowed them to correct errors in reference ranges, isolate outdated tests, discover report and fax errors, and verify billing charges for all 4,000+ order codes.

Website: www.houstonmethodist.org



Since 2004 UPMC has been taking advantage of the STS solutions to test their Sunquest Laboratory and Blood Bank upgrades. Over the last several years their biggest use of STS has been for application monitoring. Using STS, UPMC is able to poll their interface processor status, error messages, and system alerts which are then emailed to their LIS team if discovered. This allows them to proactively check for system errors instead of waiting for the symptoms to be discovered by end users.

Website: www.upmc.com


Yale New Haven Health

Yale set out to validate their SoftBank build that included some new facilities. Three hospitals with four total laboratory locations plus several offsite locations were migrating to Epic Beaker and SoftBank simultaneously. STS assisted them with exhaustive testing of the SoftBank build as well as blood bank patient unit compatibility product testing. STS has provided them an opportunity not only to validate and document their build but to verify SOP across the multiple facilities to improve their adoption process.

Website: www.ynhh.org



One of the most powerful aspects of the STS Solutions is our ability to repeat testing quickly and easily. In the case of Partners, it helped them conquer the validation testing associated with merging facilities. Once a good baseline was set, it was easy to point the same test cases to other locations and repeat the build validation testing. Partners is faced with a multi-phase multi-facility implementation project, but their ability to standardize their testing, automate the process, and reduce manual effort has made new facility adoption that much easier.

Website: www.partners.org


Appalachian Regional Healthcare System

ARHS was able to complete a 6-9 LIS month upgrade project and implement electronic crossmatch in 3.5 months with only 3 FTEs. Automating the testing process allowed APRH to clearly document the stability and validity of their system in compliance with regulatory and enterprise mandates needed for the SoftLab and SoftBank upgrades. Time savings resulting from the automation enabled staff to increase their focus on implementation of new features such as electronic crossmatch and other strategic initiatives. Post live, they are using the same solutions to help with HIS upgrade testing.

Website: www.apprhs.org