Our Technology

More than a scripting tool. STS is a fully integrated application expert ready to start testing upon installation with no programming required.


The STS Solutions are PC-based applications that act just like an expert user sitting at the keyboard and mouse performing the keyboard entries and mouse clicks necessary to perform application testing. Using maintenance data extracted from your application, they provide site specific detailed information to automate testing with no programming necessary. Requiring only local workstations, STS can reduce your testing effort by as much as 75%.

The solutions simulate an end user performing transactions within the clinical application, testing workflow as well as maintenance build simultaneously. Result Inquiry allows verification of record mapping between applications. They completely document the transactions, including capturing of screen prints. Solutions include standard and customizable report options.

Our solutions are not a scripting tool. Instead they are application experts that perform known workflows for the procedures and functions you designate using our user friendly software front-end. With features like integrated scheduler, remote testing status alerts, and easy to configure reports formats, STS allows you to take control of your automated testing.


LIS & Blood Bank Solutions

Time to validate your LIS and Blood Bank applications? No problem with STS as your testing partner. Join the 200+ hospitals that have been using STS to test and document their LIS and Blood Bank testing. Our solutions test workflow as well as maintenance build simultaneously documenting the entire process including capturing screen prints. Reduce time to test while increasing depth of testing and repeatability. Test with STS today!

Middleware Modules

More and more hospitals and laboratories are implementing middleware to be competitive, cost effective, and improve revenue generation while being flexible and scalable. But with great flexibility can come complex testing. STS provides logic driven test case generation and automated test execution to allow you to comprehensively verify and document your middleware rules.

Automating your application

Modern laboratory operations is a delicate balance of current operations and future project implementations balanced upon lab resources. And it seems that staff resources are decreasing while project and application complexity and demands are increasing. Streamline your internal and external processes via application automation. Whether it's data collection and reporting or automating system monitoring, let STS help you streamline your processes and help you improve your bottom line.


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