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About Us


Software Testing Solutions LLC (STS) was founded in 1999 to fill a vital need within the industry: To create innovative solutions which automate and accelerate the in-depth testing of healthcare applications.

Before STS, healthcare organizations tested their software applications with time-consuming, labor-intensive, and expensive manual processes which were prone to human error. Exhaustive testing was impossible and the fear of something slipping through the cracks and potentially causing patient harm was very real for LIS professionals.

Now, peace of mind is well within reach with the STS line of products and services. Our suite of automated solutions simplifies the testing of healthcare applications for implementations, upgrades, interfacing and patches. What once took an entire team weeks or months to accomplish is now handled automatically in just days by our testing products. The result is better-tested software with predictable time and costs.

Headquartered in Nevada, STS is staffed with accomplished professionals who have years of both clinical and technical experience. We have in-depth knowledge of your real-world testing needs, plus we possess proven expertise in the successful implementation of automated testing. Unlike costly consulting firms which manually test your solutions, STS provides its customers with a software testing solution which is useful any time testing is needed. This reusability maximizes the testing solution’s return on investment and helps ensure your application’s quality.

With the ever-increasing demands for application interoperability and the need for more comprehensive testing with fewer resources, today’s leading hospitals turn to STS.

Choose an automated testing partner with thousands of installations across North America, with a proven track record of measurable results,and is committed to exceeding your expectations. Choose STS.

Our Skills


Business Process Automation
100% Complete
Verification & Validation
100% Complete
Agile Methodology
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Sunquest LIS
100% Complete
SCC SoftLab & SoftBank
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Sysmex WAM
90% Complete
Data Innovations
50% Complete
50% Complete


LIS 30+ Years
70% Complete
Blood Bank 20+ Years
100% Complete
Software Engineering 35+ Years
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