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Philadelphia, PA | July 31-Aug 4 2016

We're joining our STS partners like Sysmex, Data Innovations, Sunquest, and SCC Soft as they introduce their newest innovations.


New Orleans, LA | April 26-27, 2016

EWC provides STS with an amazing opportunity to discover what's coming next in clinical laboratory technology and practices.

A few of our favorite events...
Tucson, AZ | July
Chandler, AZ | March
Clearwater, FL | March


100,000 Transactions - Minutes of Effort

Need to test data to train thousands of nurses in a few weeks time. Yes, STS can do that.

Validation Testing Success

Learn how APRHS conquered a 9-month implementation in 3 months with half the normal resources using the STS LIS and Blood Bank testing solutions.

Partner Success

Explore how Sysmex and STS are changing the way to implement clinical applications.

Client Success Stories

Explore a few of our clients and learn how they have used STS to improve their business processes.


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