Major Mid-West Health System

Off-loading routine WAM rules testing from a busy automated hematology department.

Major Mid-West Health System Case Study


The customer worked with STS to design a test profile for XN – WAM rules execution testing. The profile consists of 33 different rules executions, including some with result values that do not cause the rule to trigger. After completing the add-on project, they wanted to repeat the rules testing for each XN at the Main Lab and Cancer Center in order to have fully updated documentation of the rules testing. But at an estimated 10 minutes per rules execution, that would require approximately 5.5 hours per analyzer of staff time. The Main Lab was running very short of the senior staff with experience testing WAM and capturing the right documentation. The remaining senior staff simply did not have the time to spare.


The customer used the Sysmex WAM Automated Rules Testing Solution previously to test the XN analyzers for an add-on hospital ID. In January of 2017 the test profile was cloned for each of the 8 analyzers at the main site.


Using the STS solution and STS consulting services to run the tests, the only time the Main Lab had to allot to testing was for reviewing the screen shots and validating that the rules had triggered (or not triggered) appropriately. At approximately a minute to compare the results entered in the emulator to the WAM screen shot, the total time was just over half an hour per analyzer.

Future Plans

STS continues to evaluate the feasibility of expanding the WAM test cases to include placing the order and capturing the Sunquest inquiry screen shot. If implemented, this would further reduce the amount of time their mutual customers need to spend at the keyboard when installing new versions of WAM or new instruments.

STS is publishing this verified case study after the customer's review while respecting the organization's policy of anonymity.

Major Mid-West Health System

Software Products

Sunquest LIS
100% Complete
Sysmex WAM v4.1
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Sysmex Products

Core Lab: XN-9000
100% Complete
6 XN analyzers
30% Complete
2 SP-10 slidemaker/stainer
90% Complete
2 DI
50% Complete
Cancer Center: XN-3000
90% Complete
2 XN analyzers
50% Complete
1 SP-10 slidemaker/stainer
90% Complete

STS Products

Sysmex WAM Automated Rules Testing Solution
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"“It may not sound like much, but spending nearly a full work day for each analyzer would have been impossible. STS made it so easy, and the project took only minutes of my time to validate each analyzer. I’m grateful to be able to off-load this routine type of work so I can focus on the more complex issues that need attention in our lab.”" - Laboratory Coordinator, Automated Hematology