STS LIS & Blood Bank Solutions

Testing Quality = Data Integrity = Patient Safety

When you consider the diversity and complexity of test data and testing situations, it becomes apparent that manual testing just can't deliver the depth and quality of testing that modern healthcare IT organizations need. And while regulatory and infrastructure needs drive many of our testing decisions, patient safety should be the final deciding factor in your testing strategy.

With so many projects, so much needed testing, too little time, and not enough resources, how do we manage to accomplish thorough testing? Automation!


Sunquest Solutions

For over 15 years, STS has been providing comprehensive testing solutions for Sunquest laboratory, Microbiology, and Blood Bank. Our innovative software uses maintenance data extracted from your application and provides site specific detailed information to automate testing with no programming necessary. Whether you need to enter thousands of orders and results or perform complex user acceptance testing, STS has a solution for you. Check our Sunquest page for a list of all the functions we automate.

Soft Solutions

SoftLab and SoftBank upgrades? No problem. Leveraging our 15+ years of laboratory expertise, we have expanded our solutions to support SCC Soft integration. STS has solutions to conquer your most complex upgrades and validation requirements. Whether it's interface testing with downstream systems, hot fix testing, or adding a new facility, STS can provide you with scalable, flexible, and repeatable test automation.

Custom Applications

Automated testing is no longer optional. Not a script, STS solutions can provide you with an intelligently designed automation solution that empowers you to conquer testing faster, easier, and better than ever before. Revolutionize your testing. Partner with STS and let's automate your application testing today!