Aria - Jefferson Health

Aria - Jefferson Health Full Case Study

Aria - Jefferson Health has three hospital campuses totaling about 400 total beds between the Frankford, Torresdale and Bucks County campuses. In addition, the organization includes a growing physician network. Aria serves the communities of Northeast Philadelphia and Bucks County.

A Sunquest customer since 1987, Aria is currently running Sunquest Laboratory version 7.2.  They have been using Software Testing Solutions (STS) Scenario testing and services since 2005 to test Sunquest upgrades and new modules. In their last major upgrade, the Blood Bank supervisor spent approximately 40hrs to review the STS reports, or in the words of Joe Lestochi, LIS Coordinator, IS&T Department “a fraction of the time that manual comprehensive Blood Bank testing would have required.”

In April 2010 Aria’s LIS team implemented the STS Application Monitor Solution to offload the repetitive, labor-intensive routine of reviewing HIS and reference lab interface monitor logs. Depending on the level of monitoring required, the solution can be set up to check the queue every few minutes, few hours, daily – the frequency is under user control.

As tedious as it can be, vigilance with the monitoring is critical to ensure that physicians receive laboratory test results in a timely manner. When errors include lab orders where the codes for the ordering physician or location marked as "unknown”, without this vigilance there could be a delay of several hours or even days before a correction is implemented. In some cases, physicians reorder the tests to get the results, meaning duplicate lab orders which just exacerbates the problem.

“Before automating this review, I would have to look at about 30 pages of information every other day. The review and emailing messages to the appropriate parties took about 3 hours, 2-3 hours a week. Now my time requirement is almost zero. It took me about six hours for the initial setup, and now I spend about 15 minutes per month on maintenance – changing messages, notifications, and so forth as needed.

"Using the Application Monitoring solution, I created a monitoring scenario that scans our Sunquest HIS error logs for 'unknown physician' and 'unknown location' messages," Lestochi said." It then emails only those error messages to a set group of people so they can be fixed. I've scheduled the scenario to run the reports and send the emails three times a day at 6 a.m., 11 a.m., and 3 p.m. so that the messages are seen quickly and can be addressed before problems arise."

The benefits of the Application Monitor are particularly evident when Aria Health's reference lab changes its test menu and order structure unannounced, which causes the updated lab order to error out. In these situations, Joe is quickly notified of the errors and can configure Aria Health's lab and HIS order menus to accommodate the reference lab changes.

Joe says STS enables him to do things in ways and with a timeliness he could not manage on his own. He cites an example where he was called upon to help his colleagues on the HIS team investigate a troubling mystery – in late 2016, a registration workflow change caused the ADT interface suddenly started sending an invalid location code and nobody could figure out why. Joe set up the Application Monitor to send an email notification as soon as it encountered the code in an interface message. The timely notification enabled Joe’s colleagues to trace the cause to a piece of hard-coded logic that had been in their ADT system since 1987! Oddly, the circumstances that triggered the translation to this particular location code had never been encountered, but Aria’s changing business environment caused it to emerge after almost 30 years.

Currently Aria uses the Application Monitor to review HIS error logs, ref lab error logs, general lab errors, background jobs and to generate a micro culture review report that can’t currently be scheduled.

Joe concludes, “At Aria, we use the STS solution every single day.”

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