Sunquest Customer Case Study

Five HIDs test major upgrade in fifteen weeks with STS's automated testing solutions for Sunquest Lab, Micro and Blood Bank.

Sunquest Customer


Manually testing the Sunquest GTGs was estimated at 440 hours per HID, for a total of 2200 hours of manual effort. Adding the required interface testing was an additional 900 hours. With an aggressive upgrade schedule, there was not enough manual hours available to meet the project timeline.


The healthcare organization contracted with STS to implement and use the Sunquest Functional Testing and Transactional Testing packages.


The 2200 hours of Functional Testing was reduced to approximately 776 hours of effort during which the customer's staff validated the testing outcomes. Review time was approximately 8 hours per scenario for GenLab and Blood Bank and 4 hours for Micro. For the five sites this customer ran a total of 102 scenarios.

The customer used the Transactional Testing package to test 4-5 interfaces at each individual site. This testing was completed in just under three weeks.

Future Plans

Electronic crossmatch is in use at only one of the five sites. The customer is using STS to test the feature at the other four locations as of June 2017. Reviewing the testing outcomes for this project has been made easier with STS's new online review process, with the customer reporting a 50-75% review time reduction per scenario (from 8 hours to 2 hours).

When Transfusion Manager is implemented at all five locations, the customer will use STS for their testing.

Sunquest Customer

Customer Overview

Five HIDs
100% Complete

Software Products

Sunquest LIS v 8.1
100% Complete
Sunquest BB v 8.1 including Emergency Release
30% Complete
Sunquest Transfusion Manager (Future)
30% Complete

STS Products

STS Functional Testing
70% Complete
STS Transactional Testing
100% Complete
Note: STS is publishing this verified case study after the customer's review while respecting the organization's policy of anonymity.

"The depth of testing is far greater than what my team and I could perform in the same amount of time... between the Functional and Transactional Testing, STS replaced nearly 3100 hours of estimated manual testing over the project period of 15 weeks - that's the same as just over 5 FTEs devoted solely to testing. There is no way we could have done that without STS's software." - LIS Coordinator