With over 15 years in healthcare IT and 200+ hospital clients across the US and Canada, STS provides user-friendly solutions to automate your clinical testing. STS invests in education, provides a solution which is flexible and scalable, and is a company which will be here for this upgrade, and the next one, and the next. We're here. Not just for your validation, but for all your testing needs.


Whether you need solution-specific assistance or strategic testing advice, our expert analysts are just a phone call away. And if you would like additional training or interactive build assistance, it is available at no cost for the duration of your support agreement.


Maintain your account details and update your contact information. View your open projects and get an on-demand detailed status of each profile. You can also leave notes for the STS Analyst working on your project. Our portal makes account management easy.


The STS Library is an ever-growing aspect of STS so make sure you check back often. View how-to movies, videos, or webinars. Contact us to schedule a custom training session if you need more hands-on assistance. Unlimited training at no extra cost is our standard.


Knowledge-sharing is Priority #1 for us. Our client portal provides you access to our user forum. This is the place for you to share ideas and ask questions of our staff as well as your fellow STS users. We hope it becomes a knowledge share for All Things Testing within your enterprise.

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  • "In discussing STS and reviewing the report, [the client] was curious if he would get the same report as me, and I said not unless you purchase the STS testing option. Otherwise it would be one by one using the emulator, and him grabbing his own screenshots for documentation, as he has done every year. He liked that 'It does all the hard work for you!'."

    Amanda Rodgers, Sysmex Implementation Analyst

  • A quick conversation at a user group meeting solved a problem of entering 100,000 test orders in 6 weeks so nurses could have hands on training for bedside collection. STS can do so much more than just upgrade and validation testing!

    Cleveland Clinic

  • "While we were pretty confident that our system was stable, we knew that in the timeframe we had to complete the project there was not enough time to document the testing. The STS documentation was so awesome."

    Linda Boney, IT Applications Manager

  • "Just a click of a mouse, and STS will do the rest. I'm able to access all [STS] remotely and keep on testing/validating. STS reminded me via emails (emails I can check from my phone), if there are errors during the run, so I can go in and troubleshoot and let it run again."

    Rowel M Santiago, MLS(ASCP)CM, Application Analyst III

Revolutionizing healthcare application testing with automation and automation as a service

About Us

Software Testing Solutions LLC (STS) was founded in 1999 to fill a vital need within the industry - to deliver innovative and affordable solutions for rapid clinical software verification. Today, STS concentrates on providing our clients with the perfect blend of experienced laboratory professionals and intelligent, responsive automation that can perform workflow testing, repetitive transaction processing as well as end-user acceptance testing.

Our suite of automated solutions simplifies the implementation and documentation process. What once took an entire team of your staff weeks or months to accomplish is now handled by our experts combined with our software - providing huge time and cost savings with the added benefit of repeat use whenever needed.

Whether you are hospital lab or IT professional trying to meet a project deadline or an application vendor looking to streamline implementations for your customers and accelerate revenue, STS has a tailored solution to meet your needs. Contact us today to see what STS can do for you.

A robust automated testing solution is a software package that runs on the same PC as the application being testing, for example the LIS. Think of it as an invisible robot that sits at the PC and emulates a human being's actions in the application.

The robot can log into the LIS and use mouse clicks and keyboard entries to perform a series of actions and perform a simple evaluation of the application. Are the values displayed the ones that were entered by the robot? Does the display include the correct color coding or result flags? The robot can also note failures for a report and continue to the next testing step or stop if corrections are needed.

Automated testing software can also be trained to capture screen shots to document the test findings, immediately notify appropriate personnel of a system error that impedes the testing process, and provide a final testing report of passed and failed testing steps.

Software and/or hardware upgrades are rare events - the majority of laboratory application testing is routine and tedious. Our out-of-the-box application testing products were designed for exactly that kind of repetitive testing.

Using our products, your testing becomes easily repeatable. Your staff no longer waste hours a day generating orders or results for interface testing, reference lab testing, nurse/staff training, and even rules engine verification.

STS has been providing out of the box automated testing applications since 1999. Let us alleviate your testing burden and boredom. Not just today, but every day.

STS understands that no two hospitals or projects are alike. No matter what you are testing, STS makes it simple to plan, implement, and complete your application testing. Leveraging our proven automation software with our expert laboratory knowledge, our staff deliver fast, quality application testing at a price you can afford.

We have the know-how and experience across the laboratory to make application testing and validation faster and easier than you ever thought possible. We'll walk you through our proven testing process, put it to work for you, and position your team for success.