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At Aria - Jefferson Health STS's Application Monitor frees up ten hours per week and improves timeliness of interface error resolution.

Aria - Jefferson Health


Tedious, time-consuming and labor-intensive message log review consumed up to 10 hours every week, or nearly 1/4 of an FTE. Delayed resolution meant delayed results and at times, duplicate orders sent from physicians.


The LIS Coordinator, spent six hours setting up the Application Monitor. The monitor reviews the HIS and Reference Lab interface logs three times per day, looking for the messages that Aria has defined for follow-up. When defined messages are encountered, the STS application sends an email to the appropriate person for resolution.


Once defined, the interface monitoring has become virtually hands-off for the LIS team, requiring approximately 15 minutes per month for ongoing STS Application Monitor maintenance, for example to add or remove messages based on need.

The application was also used to assist the ADT interface team on a "mystery location" which turned out to be a piece of hidden coding in the location translation logic present in the system since 1987. The timely notifications of occurrences allowed them to troubleshoot when data was available in the system.

Future Plans

STS products will continue to be used to test major upgrades and new modules, to review HIS error logs, ref lab error logs, general lab errors, background jobs and to generate a micro culture review report that can't currently be scheduled.

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About Aria - Jefferson Health

Three hospital campuses
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Physician network
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Sunquest Lab and Blood Bank, v 7.2
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Invision Patient Management (ADT)
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Allscripts Sunrise Clinical Manager
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Sunquest Scenario
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Sunquest Blood Bank Scenario
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Sunquest Calculation Extractor
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Sunquest Application Monitor
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"At Aria, we use the STS solution every single day." - Joe Lestochi, LIS Coordinator, IS&T Department