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We've reinvented clinical application testing with our rapid automated software verification solutions.

For Lab & Blood bank - Our LIS product lines allow you to test everything from simple lab orders to complex blood bank validation plans for Sunquest and SCC Soft Computer.

For Middleware - Implementations, upgrades, and annual validation of Sysmex WAM, Data Innovations, and others can be a breeze. From query and report sample data to comprehensive rules testing, STS makes easy work of middleware verification.

For Partners - Today's leading vendor partners with STS to streamline and accelerate their end user implementations. Using our QuickSTART™ technology, we can automate new applications rapidly giving your company the edge.

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Sunquest LIS Automation

Our Sunquest line includes our most comprehensive suite of solutions designed to conquer almost any Sunquest testing you can imagine.

Sysmex WAM Validation

STS and Sysmex have joined forces to deliver automated testing solutions to save time and effort in testing your Sysmex WAM rules.

Atlas Automation

Physician outreach is a necessity in today's labs. Use STS automation to help you test your Atlas physicians faster and easier than ever before.

SCC SoftLab & SoftBank Automation

Check out our comprehensive testing solution for SoftLab and SoftBank by building upon our success in the LIS space.

Data Innovations Verification

STS has taken automation to the next step with audit trail query and comprehensive rules verification options.

Partner with STS

Don’t see your application? STS is always exploring new application and rules testing automation. What can we do to help?

"The depth of testing is far greater than what my team and I could perform in the same amount of time….between the Functional and Transactional Testing, STS replaced nearly 3100 hours of estimated manual testing over the project period of 15 weeks - that's the same as just over 5 FTEs devoted solely to testing. There is no way we could have done that without STS's software."

Clinical Software Testing

Today's clinical laboratories are constantly challenged to maintain or even improve productivity even when faced with staff shortages and increasing workloads. Sophisticated laboratory information (LIS) and middleware systems are tools that labs can use to help boost productivity but they create another problem: system application testing.

System testing is a tedious and time consuming process (sometimes hundreds of hours!) that includes implementing new software or capabilities, testing the set-up and workflow, and then reviewing the testing results to verify that the software meets both the patient care and business needs of the organization. Often the lab system upgrades are a critical step in a larger enterprise project such as an EMR upgrade. Project delays can be costly and affect the entire enterprise!

LIS and middleware system projects often require pulling key personnel away from patient care tasks to perform testing. Alternative solutions may lead to budgetary repercussions when "backfilling" bench positions with per diem technologists or hiring pricey consultants to conduct the testing. And, if testing is performed by IT staff not familiar with the laboratory workflow, the enterprise risks an incomplete process.

Software Testing Solutions Is Your Answer for Easy and Rapid Clinical Software Testing

Fortunately, Software Testing Solutions (STS) has a comprehensive suite of automated lab software testing solutions that you can use to assure the testing is up to your standards. STS works with your lab staff to streamline the software testing process so you and your team can do what you do best- work with your providers to deliver excellent patient care.

Using a new software solution can be intimidating. At STS we have taken care to use the best from over 250 customer implementations to create a process that is fast, easy, painless, and hard at work for you in as little as two weeks! To further assure that your automated testing solution is ready when you need it, our maintenance model includes test cases, scenarios, and profiles to use for your own projects; updates to align the STS software with vendor upgrades; and easy access to online training and our support team of clinical and technical experts.

Software Testing Solutions for Efficiency and Reliability

Our products and services combine to facilitate rapid lab software testing and to provide comprehensive inspection-ready reports so you can easily validate the results. Reduce your costs, shorten timelines and lower your risk with STS products and services. Whether you need a fast, effective solution for Sunquest, SCC Soft, Sysmex WAM, Data Innovations or Atlas, Software Testing Solutions is ready to provide an answer.

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Revolutionizing healthcare application testing with automation

About Us

Software Testing Solutions LLC (STS) was founded in 1999 to fill a vital need within the industry - to deliver innovative and affordable solutions for rapid clinical software verification. Today, STS concentrates on providing our clients with the perfect blend of experienced laboratory professionals and intelligent, responsive automation that can perform workflow testing, repetitive transaction processing as well as end-user acceptance testing.

Our suite of automated solutions simplifies the implementation and documentation process. What once took an entire team of your staff weeks or months to accomplish is now handled by our experts combined with our software - providing huge time and cost savings with the added benefit of repeat use whenever needed.

Whether you are hospital lab or IT professional trying to meet a project deadline or an application vendor looking to streamline implementations for your customers and accelerate revenue, STS has a tailored solution to meet your needs. Contact us today to see what STS can do for you.

A robust automated testing solution is a software package that runs on the same PC as the application being testing, for example the LIS. Think of it as an invisible robot that sits at the PC and emulates a human being's actions in the application.

The robot can log into the LIS and use mouse clicks and keyboard entries to perform a series of actions and perform a simple evaluation of the application. Are the values displayed the ones that were entered by the robot? Does the display include the correct color coding or result flags? The robot can also note failures for a report and continue to the next testing step or stop if corrections are needed.

Automated testing software can also be trained to capture screen shots to document the test findings, immediately notify appropriate personnel of a system error that impedes the testing process, and provide a final testing report of passed and failed testing steps.

Software and/or hardware upgrades are rare events - the majority of laboratory application testing is routine and tedious. Our out-of-the-box application testing products were designed for exactly that kind of repetitive testing.

Using our products, your testing becomes easily repeatable. Your staff no longer waste hours a day generating orders or results for interface testing, reference lab testing, nurse/staff training, and even rules engine verification.

STS has been providing out of the box automated testing applications since 1999. Let us alleviate your testing burden and boredom. Not just today, but every day.

STS understands that no two hospitals or projects are alike. No matter what you are testing, STS makes it simple to plan, implement, and complete your application testing. Leveraging our proven automation software with our expert laboratory knowledge, our staff deliver fast, quality application testing at a price you can afford.

We have the know-how and experience across the laboratory to make application testing and validation faster and easier than you ever thought possible. We'll walk you through our proven testing process, put it to work for you, and position your team for success.